Press Release

Mediated through the exhibition space, this project seeks to realize and apply ideas born from the everyday thinking and practices of its participants, including their unrealized ideas. On display will be silkscreens based on these ideas, which visitors can print on their own and carry away.
A series of performances/events is scheduled for the exhibition period.

Curators: Oko Goto, Akira Rachi
Exhibition Design: Yasuto Masumoto
Participants: Takaaki Akaishi (Artist), Hiroko Enomoto (Artist), Atsushi Sugita (Art Critic, art & river bank), Shauba Chang (Editor, waterfall, NOT TODAY), Cho Sunhe (Curator, Researcher), Yoshiro Hatori (Director, kenobi), Kei Hirakura (Art Theory), Kei Yamamoto (Political Theory), Kazutaka Yoshida (Artist), CAMP, Run Amok

Performance / Event Schedule:

“Decomposing Picasso et al. (partially occluded)”
Kei Hirakura
Sunday, July 19, 2015
Open: 16:00 / Start 17:30 –

“imagine sea #02”
Atsushi Sugita
Monday, July 20, 2015
Place: please contact
7:00 –

“Summer Camp”
further information will be available at the exhibition, and will be released later