Installation View

Press Release

This summer, Take Ninagawa hosts the fourth edition of its ongoing series of exhibitions without artworks, “Optional Art Activity,” initiated in 2011. The guest curator of this year’s edition is Natsuko Odate.

What else aside from artworks can communicate the idea that, for artists, artistic expression is as important as life itself? This is the question I hope to address through this edition of the exhibition without artworks, “Optional Art Activity.” Although I am already familiar with the work of the participating artists, I am curious to see what happens when we rearrange the order of operations or concepts in their creative processes. Perhaps the same concepts will appear different according to each person and time.
-Natsuko Odate

Eric Baudelaire
Christian Boltanski
Stanley Brouwn
Daniel Buren
Hikaru Fujii
Emiko Kasahara
Meiro Koizumi
Yasumasa Morimura
Wolfgang Tillmans