(draw a spiral inward and smudge it outward)

(write HOLE in Malayalam and make a grid in the space with elastic strings)

There are different kinds of holes in the ground
A hole can be closed
A hole can be through like a tunnel
A hole can be a gate to a different dimension.

(raise the bureau with the chain hoist and step down the rope ladder into the hole)

Hole, hole, hole from above.
A hole from above is the unknown.
It meant fear.

Hole, hole, hole, hole from below.
A hole from below is a hope.
It meant the end.

(throw rubber band balls, raise the bureau more, release gridded elastic strings on the floor one by one)

What if you don’t know that the hole you are getting into has a bottom? What if you don’t know if the hole is through, or is it a gate?

So every object has its own elasticity.
Elasticity is stress over strain, and this elastic constant will allow you to take in the stress up until a certain point, of the elastic limit. Past that, you will experience some deformation in the object, keep going up, going up until the ultimate limit, when the object cannot take it anymore.
It will break.
How elastic are you?

When you have high elasticity to jump around the world so much, you will break.
When you have such low elasticity, you will be bored in life.
If you push your limit even though your body will deform. Even though you never go back to your original shape.
If you don’t push, you will never escape the gate. That gate is a hole, the death.

Hole, hole.
Hole from above.
It meant fear.
Hole, hole.
Hole from below.
It meant hope, the end.

random memo random
Movie based on performance


A 7 foot deep hole in the ground with a trampoline at the bottom. The rigged cabinet is drawn out of the hole, and Sasamoto jumps up and down in the hole, with her eyes testing the feeling of traversing above and below the sea level. During the performance, she draws and moves in patterns as speaking the stream of consciousness about elasticity and a hole.

Exhibition History


“3rd Kochi-Muziris Biennale,” TKM Warehouse, Kochi